• Train Triceps at Home

    This is how you train your triceps at home! For beautiful completely muscular upper arms, it is wise to train both the biceps and the triceps. We give you a number of exercises to make your triceps stronger and more muscular at home.


    Train the triceps at home without weights


    You can train the triceps without weights at home using a bench or a chair.

    With your arms behind your body, lean on the chair so that your buttocks hang free. The more you bring your legs forward and even stretch, the heavier the exercise becomes.


    Lower your body by bending your arms. Press yourself again with the power of your arms and repeat this several times.


    By doing this dip every time you train the triceps using your own weight. The deeper you sink during the dip, the harder it is to rise again.



    Do this exercise twice a week with a repeat of three times ten. Always take a two-minute break and shake your arms.

    Are you still unable to press yourself because your arms are not strong enough yet? Then move your feet closer with your knees bent. Make sure that the bench or the chair cannot slide backwards.

    A good exercise for your triceps is to push on. You can of course do this in all sorts of ways.


    If you place your hands in different widths under your shoulders, you will train both your triceps and your chest muscles. By turning your hands inwards you strengthen the effect of the training.


    When you pull up the exercise at the doorpost, for example, you can train your triceps by doing the pull up with your palms away from you.


    With the palms inwards, you mainly train the biceps. This is then called a chin up instead of a pull up.

    Lie comfortably on the floor with the dumbells in your hands next to your body. Now bring the...
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    Most men usually want to train the biceps at home and most women like to do exercises for the triceps to get rid of the swabbing chicken fillets.

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