• Motivation at the Gym - How to motivate yourself? How not to give up?

    Finding motivation in the gym is not always easy. Especially for those who are starting now and every day has hundreds of excuses ready to be used and not to go to training. If you go through this, know that it is absolutely normal! You are no less than anyone else because you are not motivated.


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    Believe me: there are thousands of people who show an exorbitant motivation to others, but when they get home, they question everything. It is not easy to be motivated. Much less when we feel out of place or at odds with what we really want and believe.

    So, in today's text, let's understand a little more about how you can be more motivated in the gym! Follow.


    Motivation in the gym - How can you keep yourself motivated?

    If you want to be motivated to train often or even occasionally, know that you are in the position of thousands of people. You are not alone! And this is the first step you can take: empathize and understand that you are no less than absolutely no one.


    Feeling demotivated is easy. Our body tends to reject everything that makes it out of the comfort zone. It's normal. Therefore, feeling motivated at the gym can be a difficult exercise to overcome. And there is no point in reading motivating phrases or hearing from other people's mouths that everything will improve. This is not the way.


    The way is to establish a relationship between questions and answers so that, in some way, you are covered with energies and motivations. To do this, you should think about the following:


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    Why do you train?

    1. Excessive optimism is not positive !;
    2. Have short, medium and long term goals;
    3. Forget the motivational phrases a little;
    4. You are unique and you cannot mirror the other's reality;

    We will talk about each of these topics in more detail from now on. Therefore, we invite you to understand a little more about the mysteries of motivation and how you can do it. Follow!

    Why do you train? Motivation is a reason!


    The first point to find motivation in the gym, is to understand the following question: why do you train? It seems simple and maybe the answer is already on the tip of the tongue. And this is very good, as it guarantees you some excellent arguments to deal with the lack of motivation on a bad day.


    Whether you are just starting out in weight training, taking the first kick for a street run or riding the first few kilometers on a bike, the important thing is to always be able to answer this question objectively. Understanding why you will have fewer resources to give up. Motivation is a reason. Remember this.


    Excessive optimism can cause frustrations


    Perhaps you have already noticed that there are people of different personalities: those who are over-optimistic, those who are neutral and those who are a little more pessimistic. This is normal and the world is full of all personalities. And the big point for you is to understand that it is not just optimism that you need.


    Over-optimism can make you feel very frustrated when something goes wrong. Therefore, the idea is that you have balance and manage to convert optimism into confidence. Thus, you do not attach to one side or the other. And you have the motivation you are looking for.


    Have a short, medium and long term goal


    This is a tip that is related to the first topic. In other words, motivation is a reason. And one of the ways to be able to establish good reasons is to set short, medium and long term goals. This way, you create “finish lines” and know where you're going.

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